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Application hosting
Specialists in Hosting O4W and OpenInsight-Based Websites

If you're looking for a place to host your OpenInsight-based website, you have found the right spot.

Our web-hosting farm includes your own server, use of either Apache or IIS, backup power and offsite backup of your data. We use only Dell and IBM servers to ensure the highest reliability. 

We already host sites for retail systems, financial operations, and product download websites. Because of our expertise with O4W, OpenInsight and the web we can guarantee that your site keeps up and running in its best form.

Our rates are very reasonable. Call us at (201) 722-9814 for details. 


Business Continuity

Hosting enables you to connect to your applications and data from anywhere at anytime.  If a disaster strikes your office, you will be able to get to your business-critical information from computers at another site.  Wheter the disaster is as small as a workstation crash or something more serious, we help keep your business running smoothly.

Enterprise Class Reliability

Your OpenInsight and Advanced Revelation applications are hosted on highly-available, fault-tolerant, high-performance Dell servers to provide enterprise class reliability to organizations of all sizes.  Regular back-up systems keep your data acessible 24x7x365.

No upfront hardware costs

As you pay for users and space on our servers, there is no need to purchase expensive servers for your business that are soon obsolete.