The Spell Check Tool for OpenInsight

OSpeller is a spell check tool made especially for OpenInsight applications that has an extendable dictionary of over 80,000 words. Working equally well with OpenInsight or OpenInsight for Linux, and at a price that can’t be beat, OSpeller is the spell check tool you should be using in your OpenInsight application, whether it’s a homegrown system or an application available for retail sale.

Why use OSpeller?

  • Written especially for OpenInsight, versions 8.x and higher
  • Ability to call spell check routines programmatically or hooked directly to a control
  • A Dictionary with over 80,000 words, and expandable. Corrections you make to misspelled words are remembered and used the next time the misspelling is encountered.
  • Extremely attractive pricing model- cheaper than doing it yourself!
  • Currently written for United States English, with other language support soon

Priced at just $49.95 for a single user system, or with pricing for multiple sites or users, there is no better, more economical spell check tool for an OpenInsight application.