It's time to keep better time.TimeKeeper Screen

Are you Looking for a timekeeping application where you can enter information regarding Projects, Clients, and Timesheets? And wouldn't it be great if you could generate invoices based upon the timesheets?

We have the product for you- TimeKeeper 2.0.
An OpenInsight-based time tracking system, it allows for the entry of multiple employees working on multiple projects for multiple clients. Tracking reports, invoice review, invoice printing and aging are all built-in.

Technology has gotten better and less expensive so now is the time to keep better time with TimeKeeper.

If you need to automate any one of the following then you need TimeKeeper:

  • Track time by Client and Project codes
  • Track expenses, both billable and/or reimbursables
  • Keep track of Employee time off and overtime
  • Create invoices for billable projects
  • Run aging reports for outstanding invoices
  • Run reports for non-billable projects
  • Run Customized reports by employee
  • Export summary files for your payroll system

Get rid of your paper, spreadsheet, or punch card system and keep time better with TimeKeeper by WinWin Solutions.

Priced at just $69 per seat there is no better, more economical time keeping application available.